Features of Hiking Hats

As we all know, the sun provides all creatures with warmth and heat. Without the sun, we cannot survive any more. But the sun sometimes is like a weapon that it can kill us and other creatures. Summer sunlight is quite harsh and it will make your eyes sting and you can only see things by squinting your eyes. When the sun is very hot, you will start to sweat that will run into your eyes. That will be sticky and uncomfortable.

Most hikers like to go some places with high altitudes; they think that would be more challengeable and more exciting. The World Health Organization has confirmed that “the higher the altitude, the thinner the atmosphere and the less ultraviolet light filters out. For every 1000 meters increase in altitude, the UV levels rise by 10% to 12%.” Therefore, hikers must protect their head by wearing a nice hiking hat when they are at the highest altitude.

Hats are a must-have accessory for hiking. You may be confused on how to choose a nice hiking hat. Here I would like to give you some guides to let you know what a good hiking hat is.

Protection Degree

In order to protect ourselves, we first have to make clear how much the amount of UV rays can be blocked by the hat. It seems that any hat can protect you from the harmful UV rays while these hats with different UPF rating show their own ability in blocking harmful rays. The UPF rating can measure how effective the hat is at blocking rays. Hiking bucket with 360 degree brim can offer us good sun protection.

Since hiking is an activity that needs you to stay in the sun for a long period of time, thus you must have a hiking bucket hat with a UPF rating of 50, the higher the better. In fact, the UPF rating is determined by the fabric of the hat, some hats made of synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester that work well on blocking the UV rays.  


Breathability is one of the most important factors that you have to consider when choosing the best hiking hat. Pick one that is good at wicking away the moisture on your skin and with vents to keep you cool.

If you like to go hiking on summer days, you should pick the hat which is made of polyester and nylon rather than cotton. These synthetic materials provide good breathability that makes you comfortable to wear.


A hat may accompany your life if you keep it well. Once you don’t need a hat, it will be crushed and may be out of shape. If the fabric of hats become worn or faded, its ability to block rays will decrease as well. Hence, you should choose a hat with crushable features that you can fold it and place it into your bag.

Bucket hats made of nylon or polyester can be hand-washed or machine-washed. A washable hat has good ability to resist water thus it won’t be damaged by the heavy rain.  

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Bucket hat, a Must-have Accessory for Trendies

As we all know, peak cap and baseball cap are two very common hats. We often see many stars or some hipsters wearing baseball caps or peak caps. The baseball cap looks very casual and sporty, which well reflects the characteristics of this man’s love of sports and fitness. These two caps are seen worn by the fashionable men all the year around.

In recent years, a hat is called bucket hat which has become very popular. We may have seen a lot of people are wearing that hat. Some people think that bucket hats are only worn by women; bucket hats for men are definitely not good-looking. In fact, the bucket hat can be worn by both men and women. It doesn’t matter what you look like but depends on how you match it. Do not think that only the girls who dress up are delicate piggy girls, some boys are delicate piggy boys, too. A few boys are more pretty than girls when they really dress up. Some people can match a very ordinary hat with a completely different style which can be natural and unrestrained, or cool or cute. A man can match a bucket hat better than women.

When it comes to the bucket hat, I believe someone may know that bucket hat is one of the important elements in Hip-hop clothing. Hip-hop is an American cultural movement which started in the 1970s at block parties in New York, especially, there was a person who called Bronx. LL Cool J, formerly known as James Todd Smith, a famous American rapper and later became a legend in the history of Hip-hop music. He was featured in the 1985 album with a classic bucket hat sponsored by his collaborator Kangol, and then his bucket hat became a hit in the history of Hip-hop music for the first time. The bucket hat has gradually become a defining feature among Hip-hop musicians. More than half a century has passed since its first popularity, the bucket hat has not out of the stage of history, but has been favoured by more and more people, and its style has also developed more diversified.

The bucket hat is welcomed by many stars. Most of the stars wear such a bucket hat on the daily street snaps. On the one hand, they want to show their personalities and fashion sense. On the other hand, they can use it to cover their faces because the hat’s long brim can help them to avoid being tracked by paparazzi. That is undoubtedly becoming necessary equipment for them. The bucket hat is also one of the must-have fashion accessories for the fashionmonger.

Men wear bucket hats can be paired with casual wear or formal wear. In short, the bucket hat can play a big space for men. If you just get a bucket hat and you don’t know how to match it, you can see how others wear it. But that doesn’t mean you have to imitate others. Try to find your personal style of the bucket hat.

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Bucket Hats Show the Girl’s Different Charm

Summer is coming. Have you ready for sunscreen, sunblock and parasol? Oh yeah, and don’t forget the hats. I feel so scalded when I’m in the sun, waiting for the bus or riding my bike. Wearing a hat to go outside to play, you won’t be exposed to the sun and free your hands to take photos.

In the summer, we will hang out with friends, whether to go a tropical beach or a cool garden, we will wear good-looking clothes, draw a beautiful summer makeup and put on a nice hat in order to take photos or self-portraits. How can we get a good-looking hat when we take a picture? A hat can help us to pose for taking photos. Now let’s take a look at how girls should wear a uk-bucket-hat to take a beautiful photo.

1. Lazy and beautiful style

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The light colour is the most popular colour in summer. It is very harmonious to wear a tank top and a white jacket with a pure white bucket hat. White is the most common colour in summer. Girls with long curly hair can wear the hat directly. Isn’t that very beautiful?

2. Timeless black and white

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Black and white is an everlasting fashion trend. This light black bucket hat is paired with a white jacket and a black and white striped T-shirt. It is very fashionable and personalized. You can also wear earrings to modify your face. You’d better choose a hat with the brim should not be too wide; otherwise, your earrings will hide in the hat.

3. Free and natural style

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The less you wear in summer, the cooler you are. When we go to work, we have to wear formal clothes. After work, we would like to wear tank tops and casual shorts and slippers. On weekends, we want to go out to go shopping or hiking with friends. At this time, a sexy tank top, casual shorts, and a pair of slippers will satisfy your need for cool. Wearing slippers is the coolest and most comfortable wear in the summer, and it is very casual and free. It is perfect to match a cool bucket hat. If you wear black clothes and light-coloured shorts, you can match with a black bucket hat, and then put on sunglasses. What a cool girl!

4. Neutral style

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More and more women have integrated their neutral style into their dresses. Short-haired girls with a black bucket hat and blue denim coat within a black vest, which is a perfect balance between femininity and masculine, and creates a unique new style. It feels relaxed, calm, decent, and has a strong intellectual sense. It is the colour that most people accept, presenting the glamour that gives gender to different kinds, confirming the calm self of modern and handsome style. It not only has the elements of the fresh, clean and casual style of male but also has the elegant, quiet, soft style of a female.

Fashion is about dressing according to what is fashionable, style is more about yourself. Even if you’re not good at matching, try to learn to match your own clothes and hats from now on.

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Choose a Proper Bucket Hat for Your Children

Newborn babies have low immunity, and they are vulnerable to pathogens. Once they catch a cold, it is very troublesome for them and their parents. Due to their young age, they must be cautious about medication. In order to prevent them from catching a cold, most mothers dress babies up thickly, especially for their head. No matter what season, we can always see babies wearing hats. The outdoor temperature is low in autumn and winter, babies and kids have thin hair, so their head is the most vulnerable part to cold wind. In the early spring, the weather is getting warmer, but it can be cold sometimes, so kids still need to wear a hat to keep warm. At this time, the kids bucket hat is needed to solve children’s matching all year round. The baby bucket hat is not like other hats that have to be changed from season to season. It is suitable for all seasons.

The bucket hat is really versatile, especially for babies and kids, both girls and boys. Compared with adults, the kids bucket hat is easier to be matched with clothing. In the spring and summer, choosing a comfortable bucket hat for your kids is the most intimate care. For many mothers who love beauty and they want to make their children look good. The baby bucket hat is made of comfortable and soft fabric, and the pattern is colourful. There is nothing you need to worry about your baby will catch a cold in the wind or to be exposed to the sun. If kids wear this hat, they will look cute and exquisite.

Toddlers or kids often tend to be hyperactive, and they are eager to explore the outside world by themselves. They would rather play outdoors than stay at home. Sometimes they go out to play and come back soaked with sweat, and their faces redden with the sun. The skin of the child is very tender, and some sunscreen skin care products cannot be easily applied to children. Once they get sunburned, there are some symptoms of discomfort. Such as blisters, skin scaling or redness of the skin, and it is very painful obviously. If kids get severe heat stroke, they will have symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and fever. The bucket hat is a good choice at this time. The wide brim of the hat covers the entire head, and there are breathable mesh holes on the top of the hat which makes children feel refreshed, comfortable, breathable and not stuffy in summer. Let your baby enjoy a good time in comfort.

Mothers who love beauty and they would like to dress up their children. For example, they tie the hair into braids for the kids and then put on a bucket hat. That looks very lovely and adorable. Families wear bucket hats blowing the sea breeze to enjoy the ocean waves in the seashore on the weekend. It’s rare for a family to have time to go out and play together. If you dress up beautifully, your mood will be much better. You can find your family in the crowd at a glance. Summer is coming, the hot weather makes you and your kids need such a bucket hat, you can go out to play freely.

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