How to Choose a Hat as a Gift?

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A hat is an accessory that makes you look great. So what will you choose to give someone as a gift for their birthday or Christmas day? Hats are a good choice, and it’s natural to give a hat to your friend or relative on a birthday, wedding, Christmas or other special occasions. There are a few simple steps that make
sure you buy a special hat they really like and would wear it for the whole lifetime.

When buying someone a hat as a gift, the first thing is to know the size of their hat. Measuring the hat size is not difficult. You can use a hat size tool to measure the size of their hat, use a tape measure to measure the circumference of their head or just use a piece of string. Wrap the rope or tape measure around the head in the middle of the forehead and back of the head. Then measure the rope or measure the length of the string with a tape measure. The measurement is then converted to hat size by looking up a hat size chart.

Once you have their head size, you can start buying a new hat for your friend or beloved one. There are a variety of hats on the market, such as fedoras, bowler hats, flat hats, and the most popular bucket hat in this year. If you want to give a surprise to them, you can estimate the size of their hat. It is best to maintain the average head size and estimate from there. If you’re not sure about the size of their head, it’s always safe to buy a larger hat. You can buy a hat with chin strap so that they can adjust it to their own size to fit their head.

The most interesting part is choosing the style and color of the hat. Choosing a hat that suits their personality and style is the perfect way to highlight their personality. Fedoras with sharp looking that give people an upgrade. Hats like bowler hats or derby are a little quite unique, but they do make a statement with their unique style.

Finally, consider when and where your friends or relatives will use the hats. Hats are for all different types of activities and places. For example, beach hats are for beach goers, sun hats are for gardeners and sports people, while fedoras are suitable for both casual and formal occasions. Panama hat is perfect for vacations. It fits at an upscale country club or restaurant, just as it fits for the beach.

No matter what your friend or loved one likes to do, choose a hat that are specifically designed for them. The bucket hat blends the casual style and a slightly formal style, which can be worn in most casual occasions and some of them can be matched with the suit. Bucket hats are mostly suitable for outdoors sports, such as hiking, safaris, boating and other activities. The bucket hat is versatile for everyone regardless of your age and gender.