Bucket Hats Show the Girl’s Different Charm

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Summer is coming. Have you ready for sunscreen, sunblock and parasol? Oh yeah, and don’t forget the hats. I feel so scalded when I’m in the sun, waiting for the bus or riding my bike. Wearing a hat to go outside to play, you won’t be exposed to the sun and free your hands to take photos.

In the summer, we will hang out with friends, whether to go a tropical beach or a cool garden, we will wear good-looking clothes, draw a beautiful summer makeup and put on a nice hat in order to take photos or self-portraits. How can we get a good-looking hat when we take a picture? A hat can help us to pose for taking photos. Now let’s take a look at how girls should wear a uk-bucket-hat to take a beautiful photo.

1. Lazy and beautiful style

The light colour is the most popular colour in summer. It is very harmonious to wear a tank top and a white jacket with a pure white bucket hat. White is the most common colour in summer. Girls with long curly hair can wear the hat directly. Isn’t that very beautiful?

2. Timeless black and white

Black and white is an everlasting fashion trend. This light black bucket hat is paired with a white jacket and a black and white striped T-shirt. It is very fashionable and personalized. You can also wear earrings to modify your face. You’d better choose a hat with the brim should not be too wide; otherwise, your earrings will hide in the hat.

3. Free and natural style

The less you wear in summer, the cooler you are. When we go to work, we have to wear formal clothes. After work, we would like to wear tank tops and casual shorts and slippers. On weekends, we want to go out to go shopping or hiking with friends. At this time, a sexy tank top, casual shorts, and a pair of slippers will satisfy your need for cool. Wearing slippers is the coolest and most comfortable wear in the summer, and it is very casual and free. It is perfect to match a cool bucket hat. If you wear black clothes and light-coloured shorts, you can match with a black bucket hat, and then put on sunglasses. What a cool girl!

4. Neutral style

More and more women have integrated their neutral style into their dresses. Short-haired girls with a black bucket hat and blue denim coat within a black vest, which is a perfect balance between femininity and masculine, and creates a unique new style. It feels relaxed, calm, decent, and has a strong intellectual sense. It is the colour that most people accept, presenting the glamour that gives gender to different kinds, confirming the calm self of modern and handsome style. It not only has the elements of the fresh, clean and casual style of male but also has the elegant, quiet, soft style of a female.

Fashion is about dressing according to what is fashionable, style is more about yourself. Even if you’re not good at matching, try to learn to match your own clothes and hats from now on.