Bucket hat, a Must-have Accessory for Trendies

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As we all know, peak cap and baseball cap are two very common hats. We often see many stars or some hipsters wearing baseball caps or peak caps. The baseball cap looks very casual and sporty, which well reflects the characteristics of this man’s love of sports and fitness. These two caps are seen worn by the fashionable men all the year around.

In recent years, a hat is called bucket hat which has become very popular. We may have seen a lot of people are wearing that hat. Some people think that bucket hats are only worn by women; bucket hats for men are definitely not good-looking. In fact, the bucket hat can be worn by both men and women. It doesn’t matter what you look like but depends on how you match it. Do not think that only the girls who dress up are delicate piggy girls, some boys are delicate piggy boys, too. A few boys are more pretty than girls when they really dress up. Some people can match a very ordinary hat with a completely different style which can be natural and unrestrained, or cool or cute. A man can match a bucket hat better than women.

When it comes to the bucket hat, I believe someone may know that bucket hat is one of the important elements in Hip-hop clothing. Hip-hop is an American cultural movement which started in the 1970s at block parties in New York, especially, there was a person who called Bronx. LL Cool J, formerly known as James Todd Smith, a famous American rapper and later became a legend in the history of Hip-hop music. He was featured in the 1985 album with a classic bucket hat sponsored by his collaborator Kangol, and then his bucket hat became a hit in the history of Hip-hop music for the first time. The bucket hat has gradually become a defining feature among Hip-hop musicians. More than half a century has passed since its first popularity, the bucket hat has not out of the stage of history, but has been favoured by more and more people, and its style has also developed more diversified.

The bucket hat is welcomed by many stars. Most of the stars wear such a bucket hat on the daily street snaps. On the one hand, they want to show their personalities and fashion sense. On the other hand, they can use it to cover their faces because the hat’s long brim can help them to avoid being tracked by paparazzi. That is undoubtedly becoming necessary equipment for them. The bucket hat is also one of the must-have fashion accessories for the fashionmonger.

wear bucket hats can be paired with casual wear or formal wear. In short, the bucket hat can play a big space for men. If you just get a bucket hat and you don’t know how to match it, you can see how others wear it. But that doesn’t mean you have to imitate others. Try to find your personal style of the bucket hat.